Sharing calendars between Nextcloud Calendar and Google Calendar – a howto.

At the time of writing this blog, the typical calendaring situation still is: me, maybe-hopefully you, and a (growing) bunch of other people using Nextcloud Calendar, while the vast majority still uses Google for calendaring needs. Luckily sharing/syncing between these calendars (say, between you and your family member) is possible, and relatively easy — but not trivial. Recently I had to do just this: set up calendar sharing with a loved one to and from Google Calendar. Although this is documented in various forum topics, it can be hard for a non-technical person to parse and understand that, and I haven’t found a good clear explanation I would comfortably share. So I wrote one for my own use.

I’m posting this here so I can simply send it to the next family member when it’s needed, and for you to use if you need a cheat sheet. I also post a “screenwalk” gallery at the end of each sync direction to make things a bit more straightforward, plus here’s a pdf of just the steps, because why not.

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Geek alert: enter the Image Ninja!

I’ve returned from my holidays in lovely Tenerife. Beautiful volcanic islands, grandiose landscapes… you either capture them in panorama or you don’t capture them at all. (In all honesty, even panorama doesn’t do justice, of course.)

So of course standing there in awe, looking at the beauty of let’s say Mount Teide, and thinking about the forces that created it, the question that literally everyone on Planet Earth would be asking is:

How do you capture all this beauty in Instagram?

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