Free photo storage, and other fairy tales.

Google is ending its free unlimited photo storage option in June 2021.

By the way: all the media, including this one, has missed a chance by not having articles with titles like “Google is ending!” with subtitles “…its free unlimited photo storage option”. But hey, there’s always another service that Google is ending, so maybe next time.

So, we could say, yet another fairy tale of free service is ending, but hey, this is the fairy tale: who doesn’t remember that other famous piece of tech market analysis — the story of Hansel and Gretel, the two youngsters lured into the hands of a cannibalistic witch living in a house made of gingerbread, cake, confection, sweets, and many other treats and pastries” (as Wikipedia so graphically puts it.) Continue reading Free photo storage, and other fairy tales.

Shit weather vs. good weather: the jury is in. (Random Sunday fun.)

Two photos posted on the same day: the first in the rainy-foggy-cloudy morning, the second (second 2, actually) in the sunny-cloudporny-windy-rainbowy afternoon.

And the results:

So there: public opinion prefers sunny-cloudporny-windy-rainbowy afternoons over rainy-cloudy-foggy mornings. And with that, our Service Announcement is over. We were happy to have you with us tonight, and hope you’ll come back often.

Nextcloud 18.0.2: my first hands on take on NextCloud Photos.

Nextcloud 18.0.2 arrived on my box. (This time I actually let things run their course and didn’t early adopt, it took 2 months for it to be pushed. Admittedly I also simply didn’t have time.)

To me the biggest real news in this release is the new Photos app. Continue reading Nextcloud 18.0.2: my first hands on take on NextCloud Photos.

Hey wolf moon.

I’ve prepped for the lunar eclipse earlier today, but to what end — turns out it was only a “penumbral lunar eclipse”. Fun fact: “penumbral” is latin for “if you don’t read about it before, you won’t even notice it.”

(If you are an ignorant jerk like me, you can read more on what this eclipse was about, here.) Continue reading Hey wolf moon.

A note from the Fediverse: a Pixelfed update.

Lately I’ve been photo blogging to Pixelfed instead of Instagram. (, to be precise, which is an instance running Pixelfed. I wrote a note about Pixelfed a while ago where this is explained in slightly more detail.) Although of course Pixelfed is still beta, and Insta is the top dog in the photo/micro/blog scene, there are quite a couple of things now to love about Pixelfed. Continue reading A note from the Fediverse: a Pixelfed update.

Geek alert: enter the Image Ninja!

I’ve returned from my holidays in lovely Tenerife. Beautiful volcanic islands, grandiose landscapes… you either capture them in panorama or you don’t capture them at all. (In all honesty, even panorama doesn’t do justice, of course.)

So of course standing there in awe, looking at the beauty of let’s say Mount Teide, and thinking about the forces that created it, the question that literally everyone on Planet Earth would be asking is:

How do you capture all this beauty in Instagram?

Continue reading Geek alert: enter the Image Ninja!