I did a photobook workflow without Google and I’m delighted.

So there’s this family tradition of mine that every year, since we’ve had kids, I’m making a photo book of the highlights of said year. The original, slightly apocalyptic idea was actually to have something physical that we can look at, sitting around the fire, when all of this (waves hands around) is gone and collapsed. (And we have firewood and don’t have to burn our books to not freeze to death.) But even without the Mad Maxian take, it’s a nice tradition, makes a nice Christmas present to everyone, and gives me a couple of sleepless nights, when I realize we are almost on deadline and sit and collect photos and make the thing in about 2 bursts.

Since forever, I heavily relied on Google Photos for this excercise, but this year I have built my little workflow on Nextcloud (and Linux), and I saw that it’s more convenient and quicker. So read on and I’ll tell you more.

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Free photo storage, and other fairy tales.

Google is ending its free unlimited photo storage option in June 2021.

By the way: all the media, including this one, has missed a chance by not having articles with titles like “Google is ending!” with subtitles “…its free unlimited photo storage option”. But hey, there’s always another service that Google is ending, so maybe next time.

So, we could say, yet another fairy tale of free service is ending, but hey, this is the fairy tale: who doesn’t remember that other famous piece of tech market analysis — the story of Hansel and Gretel, the two youngsters lured into the hands of a cannibalistic witch living in a house made of gingerbread, cake, confection, sweets, and many other treats and pastries” (as Wikipedia so graphically puts it.) Continue reading Free photo storage, and other fairy tales.