The Gergo directory.

So you want to read/see more of my stuff or get in touch with me, that’s wonderful! I am active on may platforms, and inactive on a bunch more. Below I am listing the ones where I am active, and where you can actually get in touch with me.

Read/see my content

This site:
My (much older) Hungarian site:
My Twitter: @gergolippai
My LinkedIn: Gergo Lippai
My podcast playlist: lipilee
My Instagram: lipilee
My 500px profile: lipilee
My Endomondo profile: Gergo Lippai

…and my Mastodon: @[email protected] (yes, I’m one of those guys)

Get in touch with me

Email: [email protected] (or [email protected])
Twitter: @gergolippai
Telegram: @gergolippai
Wire: @gergolippai
Facebook Messenger: lipilee
Hangouts: [email protected]

…or just use this contact form: