I switched (back) from iOS to Android and live to tell the tale.

I switched phones recently, from an iPhone SE 2020 to a Samsung A54.

There are multiple reasons: the biggest one is price – the A54 cost me under 400 euro, about half the price of an iPhone that would make sense. The second is fingerprint scanning: iPhones don’t have these any more, meaning I’d look like a clown multiple times a day (when paying or 2FA’ing). The third is battery life: I needed something that I don’t need to charge every 6 hours.

So what’s it like to use Android after iOS, Gergo?

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I bought an Android tablet.

I bought an Android tablet.

It’s nothing fancy, although in fact it actually looks better than my daughter’s iPad: it’s a Lenovo Tab M10 gen3, if I got the branding order right, and I bought a Lenovo because haha, it’s a Lenovo and all our laptops at home are Lenovo. But it’s certainly not a high end tablet. My use case is going through my RSS feeds while having coffee and with my cat in my lap (according to the Law of the Cat if he’s in my lap, I can’t prioritise having a laptop there instead), and then maybe some light Reddit browsing. For this, I could justify a 200-something euro 10″ Android tablet; I could not have justified an iPad.

So I bought an Android tablet. Continue reading I bought an Android tablet.

On Google’s $5b EU fine.

I know I’m a weirdo: I run my own NextCloud, I use Mastodon and Pixelfed but not Facebook, I run Linux (Mint flavoured) on my notebook, and I have UK English as my default spellcheck language (see? “flavoured”). But maybe you’ll still agree with me when I say the EU antitrust decision against Google (which they just appealed while also complying) is an important milestone.

Because yes, now Samsung can start developing their own search, or Amazon can put Play store and Google Maps on their Fire devices… but there’s more, and again, I know I’m a weirdo, but bear with me. Continue reading On Google’s $5b EU fine.