Google product circle of life.

“This new Google product can’t possibly suck that much, millions use it“ ➡️ Transfer all music to YouTube Music as Google suggested ➡️ Uninstall Google Play Music from phone and go “all in” on YouTube Music ➡️ Realise that among others, YouTube Music doesn’t have sleep timer and no way to switch off auto play suggested next song (which misses mark ~100% of time) ➡️ “This new Google product sucks, I’m definitely not for this world” ➡️ Reinstall Google Play Music on phone and return using it ➡️ Time passes ➡️ “This new Google product can’t possibly suck that much, millions use it“ ➡️ …

New house for my Kodi. (Geek alert.)

My Netflix enabled Kodi is, apparently, hot stuff. Literally hot. After some time Netflixin’, especially when watching at graphically heavy stuff (like fire, or a forest), it’ll give me the little top right thermometer we all know and (dis)like:

Raspberry Pi overheating icon (the icon is not overheating, the Raspberry Pi is)
As seen on TV!

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Maybe it’s just the winter but…

…I’m removing text based social media from my phone. This at the moment means Mastodon. (Twitter and Facebook were banished before.)

I’m not saying I won’t ever use it again, I’m not that fatalistic. (And because I will.) But, let me still add some rationale:

  • I removed my Twitter client a while ago (around 6 months, I think), and I don’t miss it. I sometimes look at it on a laptop, browse a bit mainly for news and not for discussion. I figure I’d be able to do this with Mastodon. (I removed Facebook a long time ago from my life. Had it not been for Messenger, which I still have to use unfortunately, I would have deleted my account proper.)
  • These days I find that I prefer proper sources over social media. I have a vast RSS feedlist in my Inoreader account; and if I just want some random thing to read, I prefer reading news… or a book. The less time I have, I guess, the more I feel I’m wasting it with social media. (RSS itself is another deepdive topic…)
  • Most of all (and yet another topic for later), I listen to podcasts.
  • Instagram will stay, for now. Unfortunately the horrible camera of the iPhone has essentially killed my photographic creativity, but still nice to see what friends are up to, I guess. Also, whenever I do end up posting, I also cross post to my Pixelfed feed. At one point that might become my main feed. Or I import the whole content into another WordPress site. Or something else… we’ll see.

A very early look at, the federated Instagram clone.

Along with the recent rediscovery of Mastodon (and not entirely coincidentally) I came across Pixelfed, a (let’s put it this way) Instagram clone… in a very early stage.

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