How to train your marathonist.

This is not going to be one of those “run a marathon in 3 easy steps” post (although…), but also not a certified training plan (that you’d never follow anyway). I will basically braindump what it took me to run my marathon at 42, because I know the experience will fade. So buckle up, it’s story time. Continue reading How to train your marathonist.

Runblog: Valencia, 21/May.

Summary: Valencia is beautiful. The park in the middle of the city gives the perfect venue for a run, but I still took some time to run around in the old city centre, look at some old churches (Santa Catalina and La Seu de València are the two that I remember, but there were more), and enjoy the empty streets. Spanish people seldom go out at 6AM. I ended up doing another 10k here. Continue reading Runblog: Valencia, 21/May.