Shit weather vs. good weather: the jury is in. (Random Sunday fun.)

Two photos posted on the same day: the first in the rainy-foggy-cloudy morning, the second (second 2, actually) in the sunny-cloudporny-windy-rainbowy afternoon.

And the results:

So there: public opinion prefers sunny-cloudporny-windy-rainbowy afternoons over rainy-cloudy-foggy mornings. And with that, our Service Announcement is over. We were happy to have you with us tonight, and hope you’ll come back often.

Life in the Time of Corona.

We are all getting used to our new life under COVID-19 lockdown, where the end of our explorable world is the end of our property, and after that the computer suddenly turns us back and walks us back to our house. My work day can now officially start at 8:30 because hey, it’s not like I’m stuck in traffic. I’m also saving some € on fuel, and by the way on food as well, it seems so far. How’s your lockdown going so far?

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Hey wolf moon.

I’ve prepped for the lunar eclipse earlier today, but to what end — turns out it was only a “penumbral lunar eclipse”. Fun fact: “penumbral” is latin for “if you don’t read about it before, you won’t even notice it.”

(If you are an ignorant jerk like me, you can read more on what this eclipse was about, here.) Continue reading Hey wolf moon.