Life in the Time of Corona.

We are all getting used to our new life under COVID-19 lockdown, where the end of our explorable world is the end of our property, and after that the computer suddenly turns us back and walks us back to our house. My work day can now officially start at 8:30 because hey, it’s not like I’m stuck in traffic. I’m also saving some € on fuel, and by the way on food as well, it seems so far. How’s your lockdown going so far?

I might have overspent on toys a bit though. So far I have impulse purchased:

  • a new punching bag with matching gloves (I hope my now remote colleagues see the difference soon)
  • a weighted jump rope (I hope I see the difference soon)
  • a new headset for my wfh setup (I hope everyone hears the difference soon, although this package seems to have been lost in transfer as of now)
  • some new Raspberry Pi-s, although looking at my days now I don’t know when I’ll have time for a hobby project.

I’m also one of the lucky ones whose work isn’t really impacted. We are only working remotely these days, yes, no face-to-face workshops, yes, but really, we are, of course, used to this.

Maybe less so to lack of daily chit-chat next to the coffee machine, which is why I finally got my entrepreneur spirit out and started that café I always dreamed of… on the company chat:

I edited out any personal references…

Disclaimer: I’m not the hipster barista dude on that picture. I’m not Tentin Quaranteeno.

Anyhow, stay safe people, wash your hands, do the social distancing, read blogs.

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