Run, blog, run.

I’ve been running for some years now (since October 2011, with a 1 year hiatus focusing on, you know, 🕺staying🕺alive 🕺). I’ve been attending business workshops for even longer.

The thing with these workshops is you never get to see the actual city you are working-shopping in. You fly in, go to the venue, work all the shops, do a team dinner, go to hotel, get breakfast in hotel, do the second day, and you fly out. So you see the airport, a hotel, maybe an office, a restaurant, and then if you are lucky, you see the city from a above.

So as a runner, it seems a no-brainer to combine sigh seeing with sport. I don’t really care about speed (and am not a fast runner by any standard), so no problem with slowing (haha) to sightseeing pace either. Again, I’ve been doing this for some time, but lately 2 things happened:

  1. 10k is the new 5k: I can now run much more, and can do a 10k sightseeing run without much of an effort;
  2. I started blogging about it.

The blogging part I don’t want to drag out too much, but I think it’s nice to put up 2-3 pictures and some impressions of this… maybe even recommend a route, I don’t know.

So without further ado…