I love winter (and I take photos of it.)

To break from my steady flow of cloud and similar topics, I thought I’d share a couple of photos of the ice — that is, the lovely winter we have around us in Amsterdam.
It started rough: last Sunday absolutely had that Day After Tomorrow vibe — 90kmph wind gusts, freezing cold, snowing (horizontally), the whole package. Naturally this did not stop Dutch people (well, and us) from having some fun in the park:

But by Tuesday it cleared out and by now I had 3 lovely walks, some of them directly on the IJmeer (no, I’m not the Messiah and yes, it froze). I’ll extend this post with more as I take them — after all, we can’t travel anywhere anymore, we might as well crowdsource our remote experience. For now, enjoy the fruits of the last 3 days.

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