New house for my Kodi. (Geek alert.)

My Netflix enabled Kodi is, apparently, hot stuff. Literally hot. After some time Netflixin’, especially when watching at graphically heavy stuff (like fire, or a forest), it’ll give me the little top right thermometer we all know and (dis)like:

Raspberry Pi overheating icon (the icon is not overheating, the Raspberry Pi is)
As seen on TV!

Works perfectly otherwise, I still like it better than the official app:

  • as I already mentioned, it does not do binge mode, which I like (helps if you have kids);
  • it remembers (because Kodi) the volume I set between episodes (unlike the Chromecast, which keeps forgetting and starts from a loud setting);
  • plus it does not do the “da-damm” sound that has always scared the shit out of me using the official app with the Chromecast because, see above, that combo does not remember volume settings.

But, again, it overheats. This is probably due to a combination of playing DRM’d stuff (decryption and all) and having a Raspberry Pi plus a HiFiBerry in a standard RPi case originally designed for a Raspberry Pi alone.

As I’m not able to change the DRM/decryption bit, I figured I’d change the casing bit, and so after adding 2 heat sinks I present you my geek edition mediacenter:

Non overheating Raspberry Pi next to a TV and a LEGO Millennium Falcon
As seen next to the TV! (And next to a LEGO Millennium Falcon.)

My Kodi “box” doesn’t overheat any more.

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